Louisa Smith

Hello my Darlings

I am louisa. I am a petite, curvaceous woman, who feels she was put on this earth to experience the most intense connections of mind, body and soul. My body yearns to be explored and I yearn to explore. I have been blessed with light green eyes, soft skin, a wicked smile, a depraved mind and a tattooed canvas longing to be caressed. I love erotic BDSM, sensual kink, beautifully intense connections and encounters of the depraved variety. I crave lust, love and the sweet anticipation of the unknown. I love being nibbled, licked and stroked until my inner animal is unleashed and we fuck as one. Im attracted to men who know what they want, intrigue me mentally and get me moist in the right places hehe. Flirtation, titillation and teasing are a must. Lets touch each others minds, ignite our souls and jump into the flames of passion. I am based in Plymouth, Devon but will also travel world wide.

"lets delve into the pool of depravity and see what filth we find hehe"

Louisa Smith

Want to know more? of course you do hehe...

 Born in Devon and naturally grown in Cornwall. I love the outdoors, love the seasons and the elements. Since I became sexually aware I have been a free spirit. I remember early on having a big imagination when came to sex!  I found myself drawn to most men and women. My first thoughts "What does the nape of their neck smell like?" Second  " How does their skin feel?" Third " How do they taste? mmmm'.  I still ask the same questions but my imagination isn't as innocent these days. I imagine now,  how someone would kiss me,  how they would enter me and how their cock would taste, look and feel.........  hmmm do they have a kink?  Would they make me stand against the mirror and take their belt off and look me in the eyes as my peachy buttocks feels each hard stroke. I find I am aroused often. Even on simple walks. My imagination goes wild! I travelled round Cornwall and lived in Wales and the Cotswolds. I really enjoyed the Cotswolds; the men and woman there are of the depraved variety and yes I did indulge and yes I did thoroughly enjoyed!! hehe I have always let my fantasies and imagination run free, since I feel they are my way of expressing myself. The world is my playground to explore and find the most beautiful experiences. I feel sex is such a blessing! Its an art. I am truly grateful to be an experienced artist and a muse to other artists. You are my canvas and I am yours. The connections I feel being an artist of this beautiful kind, is so life affirming, it makes me feel euphoric at times! To truly connect with someone and be vulnerable and have that sense of freedom in your body and soul is just wonderful. To explore the unknown and the things you have wanted to embrace but have buried deep, so so deep; well those moments are profound! You will always remember the feeling! You won't remember what you wore or how you looked, what car you drove but you will remember the feeling! That feeling that you will remember as long as you have breath. That is priceless!! 


Location: Based in Plymouth Devon

Who do I connect with: Male, females, Transgender, non binary and couples.

Age: 30

Sexual orientation: Evolving

Height: 5’1

Body type: Curvy and strong

Bra size: 34 C

Dress size: 12

Shoe size: 5.5

Hair Length/colour: short and dark chestnut

Canvas: Beautifully soft skin and black art work

Eye Colour: Green

Star sign: Capricorn

Amazing meet that words wouldn’t do justice! Everything I could of wished for and more! Such a sexy lady with a stunning kinky streak x
— heybaby123 ) 16/11/2018