Treat me

Every girl loves to be spoiled, who wouldn’t!

my favourite gifts

Plants: succulents and unusual indoor plants - Bloombox is my favourite place to go or Bloomandwild so amazing letter box plants my favourites are ferns, orchids, and succulents or a lush bunch of flowers love it all hehe

Vinyl: I am building my collection and love music from the 1920’s upwards so surprise me .

Art: Gabirel Tamaya , Pierre Schmidt

Underwear : SolsticeIntimates, luna Huva , Eco intimates and Anekdot. Size Bra 34c or 14 & Knickers 12

Vegan Products - from lush especially perfume, face masks and anything for a someone with sensitive skin.

Tattoo Vouchers - contact me more information

SexToys/kinkytoys: Always love a new toy to play with. We can play together! * Smiles

Alternatively have a look on my wish list

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Your Louisa xxxx